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Objectives of the measurement Carrez law:

Carrez law aims to notify to the buyer the exact surface of the property which he wishes to acquire.
The seller has to guarantee to the buyer a precise surface 5 % close.

Obligations of the owners’ buildings in co-ownership:

This law applies to all the housing in co-ownership of a surface at least equal to 8 m², that is apartments, commercial or professional premises, maid room of more than 8 m² and some houses or detached houses in horizontal co-ownership.
On the other hand, cellars, garages and parking lots are excluded from the measurement…


Validity : sans limite dans le temps en l’absence de modification du bien

What does the law say ?


Protect the buyers:

Carrez law was conceived to protect the buyers of a real property and to limit the general difficulty estimating exactly the surface of a place, because this appreciation varies according to the lighting, the shape of the room or its furnishing.


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