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Electrical diagnosis

diagnostic électricité

Objectives of the state of the internal installation of electricity:
This diagnosis aims to estimate the risks which can be a breach for personal safety.cvvvvvvvvvv

Owners’ obligations
This control is realized in case of sale of all or part of a residential building according to the Standard XP C16-600 AFNOR, with the exception of the installations less than 15 years and in the presence of an electrical diagnosis of less than 3 years.

What does the law say ?

The skills of our technical operator :
AQUEDIM presents the guarantees of independence, skills, organization and means to realize the real estate diagnosis.

This diagnosis does not constitute an electrical compliance control towards the current regulation, it has an informative role.
So in case of  a report of danger on the installation, it is the contractor’s responsability to draw the conclusions from it. The technical operators are not authorized to intervene on the electrical installation or its supply.

Aquedim, advice in real-estate diagnosis and beyond !

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