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Energy diagnosis

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Energy diagnosis objectives:

The energy diagnosis realized by AQUEDIM is a real estate diagnosis which allows to identify the projected consumptions of energy of the put on sale or rented accomodation.

It is also a question of advising the sellers, the owners and the buyers about the priority works to realize for energy savings while improving the comfort of the housing.
We recommend individually to isolate walls (from the inside or the outside), ceilings, floors, organized by a CMV, to change windows, to replace the existing heating system…

Owners’ obligations
The realization of an energy diagnosis is compulsory when putting on sale or leasing any building.
The diagnoses reports have to be kept at the arrangement by the seller or the lessor, to every candidate the buyer or the tenant who makes it the request, and this from the putting on sale or the leasing of the real property.

Validity : 10 years

What does the law say ?

Decree september 15th 2006

For information:

No energy diagnosis for the housing where the living space is lower than 50 m²; an accommodation lower than this surface but being a part of a building is subjected to the energy diagnosis. If the building’s total surface is superior to 50 m ².
No energy diagnosis for worship
places too.

Arrêté du 8 février 2012 modifiant l’arrêté du 15 septembre 2006

The energy diagnosis becomes compulsory if there aren’t any invoices; it is simply limited to the description of the accommodation.

The calculation methods :
The estimation of energy consumptions is established on the basis of a diagnosis made, according to a method (3CL approved by the ministry either on the basis of the average of the real consumptions noticed over the last 3 years old houses.

Our analysis and our recommendations:
We will give you technical recommendations to know the most effective measures to make energy savings and … financial

A ranking from A to G (more or less energy-consuming). It concerns the quantity of primary energy (heating, ECS and air conditioning) brought back to the surface, expressed in kWh/m²/year and calculated according to the statutory conventions.

The level of greenhouse gas(= GES) is also indicated according to the same process.

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