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Gas diagnosis

diagnostic gaz

Gas diagnosis objectives :
The objective of the internal installation state of gas is to verify the installations to locate possible defects or negligences that can harm people, in particular carbon monoxide poisonings, the main cause of accidental poisoning in domestic environment.

Obligations des propriétaires d’immeubles
This control is mandatory in case of sale of all or part of a residential building containing an internal installation of natural gas or propane realized more than fifteen years ago.

Validity : 3 years

What does the law say ?
Not like the diagnosis, the seller cannot exempt himself from the guarantee of the latent defects.

Major laws :

Different anomalies :
The various anomalies of the internal installation of gas are classified in three categories, according to their dangerousness:

  • Anomaly type A1 : the operator gives advice and explanations concerning the harmless anomaly
  • Anomaly type A2 : the operator advises the contractor to make as quickly as possible the necessary works
  • Anomaly type DGI (Grave and immediate danger) : the operator has to interrupt immediately, partially or totally as the case may be, the gas supply. He also has to make the contractor sign the report and send it back by registered letter.

The operator’s intervention :
The intervention only concerns visible and accessible devices and equipments of the installation the day of the visit and respecting the standard XP 45-500.

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