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Lead diagnosis

diagnostic plomb

Objectives :
The CREP (Report of Lead Exposure Risk), consists in measuring the lead concentration of all the covers of the concerned property :

  • To identify those containing some lead, degraded or not;
  • To describe their state of preservation;
  • To spot, if necessary, the factors of degradation, allowing to identify the insalubrity situations.


Obligations des propriétaires d’immeubles
This control is mandatory when selling or leasing housing built before January 1st 1949.

: 1 year(sale), 6 years (lease). Unlimites if no lead found in paints.


What does the law say ?


CREP results allow to know :
The potential risk (for the occupants and the surrounding population as well as for the construction professionals) connected to the presence of covers containing some lead which, although in good condition, can degrade later or be altered during works and so constitute an exposure risk to the lead.

The immediate risk (for the occupants) connected to the presence of degraded covers containing some lead, which generate spontaneously dusts or scales which can be ingested by a child at anytime.


The operator’s intervention :

  • Concerns only the privative covers of an accommodation, including the outer covers (shutter, gate, etc.);
  • If the concerned real property is partially allocated to uses other than the house, the CREP concerns only the parts allocated to the house;
  • In the secondary premises of the house, the CREP concerns those who are intended for a current usage, such as the laundry.

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