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Termites diagnosis

diagnostic termites

Termites diagnosis objectives :
The objective of this real estate diagnosis is to protect the buyer of a real property from the damages caused by termites and other xylophagous insects..


Owners’ obligations :
This control is compulsory in case of sale of any building in a zone declared to risk by order of the prefect.
It is mandatory in AQUEDIM‘s intervention zone .
Validity : 6 months


What does the law say ?
Unlike the diagnosis, the seller cannot exempt himself from the guarantee of the latent defects and exposes the sale contract to an action in nullity;

Major laws :


Our technical operator’s mission :

  • Examine visually all the visible and accessible parts of premises;
  • Look for the presence or indications of presence of insects (buttonhole threads, termites, damages) on grounds, walls, partitions, ceilings and all the wooden elements;
  • Look for convenient zones for the passage and the development of termites (cellars, underfloor spaces, zones of connections of water, girdles and other cablings, ventilation, expansion joints);
  • Examine all the wooden elements and examine the skeleton (and its elements);

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